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The Manga Forum

Jan 5, 2018

We reflect on our first year of podcasting and how we got started! WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for all the support!

We go through reflecting on the year and then have a chat about whats to come for 2018, we're attending GamePad and the Manga Jiman awards and talking on a panel at the smash con as well as hosting our own panel at LAGC.

As well as striving to be the Katya and Trixie of Manga. 

Apologies for the sniffling, Lexa had a COLD.

Come see us at

Smash London 20th January 20th at 3pm, Artizan Street Library, Manga In the West Panel

Gamepad by Mayamada the 6th of January, no panel just playing games!

London and Anime Gaming Convention 17th Feb, Panel at 3.30pm

Music: TheFatRat - Jackpot Spotify:

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Find us at: -- Watch live at